Methodology & Curriculum

CCCS curriculum features a traditional, well-balanced core of essential subjects:

    • CCCS follows the time-proven educational building blocks of Proverbs (knowledge, understanding, wisdom).
    • All subjects are presented cumulatively, with each lesson building upon previously acquired knowledge and understanding.
    • Our desire is to balance homework, allowing time for spiritual growth and family.  Homework generally takes 1.5-2hours daily.

We have four paths to graduation, offering students the opportunity to pursue the direction God has called them.  You can find our graduation plans here

Curriculum by Subject

Biblical Studies

The vision for the Bible department at Calvary Chapel High School is to encourage students in their faith in Jesus Christ, and equip them with a Christian worldview. To accomplish this goal, students are required to attend daily Bible classes in all grade levels. The students' comprehension of Scripture will be assessed using journals, reports, tests and discussion. The Bible department will facilitate opportunities for students to fulfill their 8 hour community service requirement each semester so they may love out their faith throughout their time here at Calvary.



The study of language and literature is a study of works that have shaped our culture and our thinking; the way we use language becomes a key to effective communication, powerful expression and clear thinking. To this end, all English courses will stress the conventions of language (grammar, syntax, mechanics, figurative language, vocabulary), reading, critical thinking, speaking and listening. Students will learn to confidently approach the various writing situations with which they will be faced. In the same way, students will learn to read well for various purposes.

Great works cannot be fully appreciated in isolation. The literature in English at CCHS will often parallel the same year's courses in history and Bible to reinforce understanding of the truths of Scripture and of the world as a whole. In the same way that language, writing, and literature study are often naturally integrated, English, social science and Bible relate closely.


Social Science

Social Science covers the whole spectrum of the human experience, fundamentally man's interaction with God and man's interaction with his fellow man. We desire to expand our students' knowledge in the area of man's environment (Geography), his creation and development (History) and his society and wealth (Government and Economics). We seek to provide the students with an understanding of the past as a tool to anticipate what the future will hold. By looking at real world cultures and societies of the past and present, we can see, firsthand, what can result when Biblical principles are followed and what can happen when they are not. Through the guidance of their instructors, students will continually develop learning skills by researching, analyzing information, as well as refining their writing ability.



The science program provides necessary background and skills from which students become scientifically literate in order to make responsible decisions. The classes actively involve students in problem solving, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and verbal and written communications. Through scientific exploration students develop an appreciation of such processes as to investigate and discover natural relationships in the world.



The study of Mathematics provides a glimpse of the creative attributes of God. Through mathematics, students have the opportunity to better understand the world around them and the God of order and logic. They can further appreciate their world and the universe God created. The math curriculum teaches students how to apply mathematical concepts in everyday life and to further their growth in abstract reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving. Students will discover the workings of mathematics in many disciplines and careers. The math program will help students develop skills required to function in daily situations and prepare those students who desire to pursue studies in advanced mathematics in a college or university.


World Language

To study a world language is to discover new worlds. Learning another language not only helps us to communicate with people in diverse parts of the world, but also provides opportunities to experience different cultural perspectives and view people in a whole new way. It is a skill set essential in preparing American students to work and live in an increasingly global society. To this end, all world language courses will stress the use of the language in the classroom on a daily basis in both written and oral communication. As an integral part of their study, students will be exposed to numerous aspects of the culture including the history, art, literature, foods, holidays and traditions related to the language they are studying. The benefits of studying another language extend far beyond the knowledge of that language.


General Electives



As students begin their journey here at Calvary we want to emphasize the need to continually live out their faith in the real world. In each subject it is our goal to find ways that will allow students the opportunity to give back to their communities and serve as Jesus wants us to do.

Serving our community will be a school wide goal for us and we will accomplish this in many different ways. To serve those in need can start where it is needed the most, at our local hospitals. There are many children that are in intensive care or seriously ill or injured.

Along with learning about our bodies and how amazing God has created us in science, we understand that sin has degenerated our world which has led to disease and defects. We want to come along side and give encouragement and prayer to these families in their time of need.

Understanding our world and the pain that sin has caused, we need to go out and experience other cultures as well. We will travel to Mexico so that we can participate in building homes and helping at a local orphanage as well. These are just a few of the ways that we would love for the kids to be involved and "rock this city" with the Love of Jesus.